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Cats are literally the cutest nerds ever

That first one seriously put me in hysterics.

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doing a math question on a multiple choice test and getting an answer that isnt even listed as one of the choices


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Some people take this website to seriously. 


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"People comes in different shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful.”

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That time when Raven actually said what most of us want to say to a teacher who picks you for the answer when you clearly don’t know it, for usually no other reason than to embarrass you and make you look stupid. One of the main things I hate and always will hate about school. 

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And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.


The blogger is a shy, docile creature…


… that prefers the darkness…


… and tends to be wary of the outside world.


The Blogger rarely sleeps, and when it does, it does so in seemingly random places.image

We have attempted to understand the dietary habits of the Blogger…


… but to no avail.


I am so glad this is back

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"Society keep saying girls, they should look “pretty”. And then blame them, that being raped is their fault, because they were too “pretty”."
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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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"Being a hero has its price."
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"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"
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Joss Whedon is my own personal hero.


Joss Whedon is my own personal hero.

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